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Happy 2016!

Happy new year!! I hope you have a wonderful one with much happiness :)

These were my best nine photos on instagram last year. I'm very happy I live in such a wonderful place and I hope I can make more captures of the landscapes this year :)

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Hello dear friends,

I finally found the time to post here again :) right now I'm really exhausted from a day at uni and glad that I can relax with TV and The Voice now. I'm currently in my 3rd Master semestre which means next semestre I need to write my master thesis.. at the moment I feel pretty stressed because I had far too less free time the past year and I really need more and I really need to write again :/ and I start to think about what I want to do next and if I want to stay at Uni... at the moment I just want frew time >.<
Other than that there is not much to tell. Oh I was in London in june and it was very exhausting but also amazing!! Wonderful experience and many things I could tell. But this hopefully next time ;)

Have a relaxing day/evening!! ♥

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Merry Christmas! (and yes I am alive!)

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas time and a beautiful celebration with your loved ones.

I just recently read my last entry here and it was a year ago O.o I said I would be here more often but obviously it became even worse. >.< I'm sorry!

Is there even someone out there who still reads this? I wouldn't wonder if not...
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Merry Christmas!

I'm so sorry I am that late with wishing you a merry christmas but I still want to! And I hope you had and still have a wonderful time with your family and enjoy the light of the dark time :) *hugs you all*

Thank you so much birdienl and thedreamisreal for you wonderful christmas cards ^_^

Like every year there was this light,
there was this glory in the night
shining through the darkest times

A medieval christmas
by ~Venexa on deviantART
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20 The White Queen Icons

Wow, Christmas is coming quickly and I'm looking forward to it and am excited like a little child *_* Because then everything is full of lights, beautiful and slows down. I hope then I will have a lot of time also to write here! But first my entry for adapted20in20
I really hope you like those even though the category is kind of crap :P Thank you so much for the extension!

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+feel free to snag any and credit me when using :)

Promotion and Note

I bet this will be a wonderful community for historical interested people!

And I wanted to leave a note saying that I will be away on vacation for a week. After that Blogging Challenge continues (or maybe I post the next day tomorrow :P) and I will take lotsss of pictures ;)

*hugs you all*

Richard III. Icons!

Richard III. has such a fascinating storyline, because he has been damned by history even though it's not his fault and most of all is myth and brought up by Shakespeare. He clearly doesn't deserve what has done to him then and after his death. ANd I think he is wonderful presented in "The White Queen". Just perfect.

for history20in20

Icons of art, The White Queen and The Hollow Crown

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.feel free to snag some when you like them ;)
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20 James Bond icons!! :D


This icons were made pretty quick so don't expect any greatness and they are also overloaded with Roger Moore, but i just fell in love with his James Bond. And wow I never thought I would like a movie series after Star Wars that much ^^ And I have only watched until "Octopussy" ♥

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